TEDxCivilLines Women 2022

Theme: Be the heroine of your life...

The biggest challenge facing women internationally is the fundamental inequality of political and economic opportunity that the majority of women in the world face. 21st-century feminism should work to extend the human rights, political freedoms, and economic opportunities enjoyed by women in the West to our sisters globally. This TED event is all about creating an authentic, appropriate, attractive, Inspirational, and motivational message that increases confidence, credibility, capability, and productivity in the women in society altogether while contributing to continuing success in their respective lives.

Nostalgic flashbacks

Photos, Videos and some Glimpses



TedxCivilLines Womens

Dr. Mrunal Naik

Licensee and Organizer

TedxCivilLines Womens

Mrs. Shobha Sunil Raisoni

Co Organizer

TedxCivilLines Womens

Mrs. Amina Vali

Principal - Sadabai Raisoni Women's College

TedxCivilLines Womens

Dr. Mragna Gupta

CEO - G H Raisoni Technology Business Incubator Foundation

TedxCivilLines Womens

Snehal Watkar

TedxCivilLines Womens

Priyanka Bhagat

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