TEDX Civil Lines Women : 'Women Power' Unleashed Nagpur, October 28th

TEDxCivilLinesWomen recently hosted an event that illuminated the remarkable qualities, values, struggles, intelligence, and societal impact of women from diverse sectors. The event, titled 'The Power of Intergenerational Wisdom: Learning from Women's Experience,' aimed to awaken the potential of women in society. The event, took place at the G21 Hall, located on the Hingana Road premises of Raisoni College of Engineering. This TEDx talk brought together an array of influential women who have left an indelible mark on society. They include :


Dr. Alka Pandey

  • An art historian and curator who shed light on the depiction of women' sexuality in ancient Indian visual arts.

Ms. Archana Sathe-Das

  • A social worker who shared her personal journey of triumph over cancer and her subsequent mission to help fellow cancer patients with unwavering determination.
TedxCivilLines Womens

Mrs. Paromita Goswami

  • A social worker advocating for equal rights for women in rural areas, striving for gender equality in these communities.

Dr. Rozina Rana

  • A counsellor and motivational speaker who narrated her inspiring journey to success in international beauty pageants, all while overcoming the depths of depression following her daughter's tragic accidental death.
TedxCivilLines Womens

Ms. Jidnyasa Chavandhal

  • A remarkable social activist who, despite being visually impaired, successfully overcame her disability and now dedicates her efforts to improving education and employment opportunities for other blind individuals.

Ms. Milli Pandey Vikamshi

  • A poet, painter, and teacher who emphasized the importance of artistry and creativity in education, highlighting their role in shaping a well-rounded learning experience.

Ms. Neha Thombre

  • A young woman who shared her empowering journey from a humble village upbringing to making a significant impact at the state level.

TEDx is a global platform that connects local individuals, communities, and organizations, providing a stage to showcase the lives, experiences, and incredible work of inspiring individuals who are making a difference at various levels of society.

The event was made possible by the TEDxCivilLinesWomen team, which specifically spotlighted women who are changing societal perspectives. Mrs. Amina Wali, the Principal of Sadabai Raisoni Women's College, provided valuable information about TEDx, its mission, and impact. The program was expertly moderated by TEDx Civil Lines Women's Licensee, Dr. Mrunal Naik . Mrs. Shobha Raisoni, serving as the co-organizer, extended her heartfelt congratulations to all participants, ensuring that TEDx Civil Lines Women's 'Women Power' event left a lasting impression on all attendees.

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